RVU Alliance Working Group Chairs


Certification Working Group

Chair: Mike Gilmore, JetHead Development


Mike Gilmore has been the chairman of the RVU Alliance Certification Working Group since 2012.
Mike Gilmore is has 20 years experience in the embedded systems and set-top box industry, with specific focus in the digital satellite and digital cable industry. Mike has worked with or for Apple, Hughes Network Systems, Hitachi, Sony, AOL Time Warner, Scientific Atlanta, Pioneer, DIRECTV, Broadcom, Conexant, NXP, Trident, Entropic, STMicroelectronics, Humax, Pace, Technicolor, Samsung, Intel, Maxlinear, Pro Brand International (PBI), Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC), Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI), Zinwell Corporation, and others.
Mike's contributions have been top to bottom, and end to end in the industry. His contributions are in both the development and testing of drivers, applications (middleware), and firmware for both Linux and RTOS platforms. Mike has lead efforts to develop test harnesses and qualification test plans that have been used to qualify tens of millions of set-top box drivers, and firmware prior to successful deployment in both the US and Latin America.
Mike brings this experience to the RVU Alliance Certification Working Group to ensure that the millions of RVU Clients being deployed will meet a high level of quality and interoperability in the growing RVU Client market.

Marketing Working Group

Chair: Alan Smith, DIRECTV


Alan Smith has been Chair of the RVU Alliance Marketing Working Group since 2010.
Alan has 25 years' experience in the development and management of embedded software, semiconductor and video display technologies. His current responsibility is leading Advanced Product development in DIRECTVs Consumer Premise Engineering group, specifically addressing connectivity of Consumer Electronics devices to DIRECTVs next generation Genie servers based on the RVU protocol technology. 
Prior to DIRECTV, Alan held the role of Director of DBS Marketing at NXP Semiconductors (previously Conexant Systems), overseeing the satellite product line, specializing in solutions for operator and pay-tv set-top boxes worldwide.
Prior to these Alan held senior engineering and technical marketing roles at Panasonic and Agere Systems in the US, and software development roles in Europe in the defense and energy industries. 
Alan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (with honors) from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, and a MBA from California State University, San Marcos.
The RVU Alliance marketing organization works with member companies to advance the use of Remote User Interface technology for interoperability among home networked entertainment devices.

Technical Working Group

Chair: Nathan Zerbe, DIRECTV


Nathan is affiliated with DIRECTV engineering's technology standards development organization, and maintains relationships with several standards bodies and government agencies applicable to the multi-channel video program distribution industry.  Nathan has been with the direct broadcast satellite industry while still a concept, and in other DIRECTV engineering roles has managed product platform development for consumer premise engineering, communication system analysis and development within the space and communications group, and system engineering for DIRECTV international businesses.  Nathan holds a BSEE from California State University, Fresno, and an MSEE from the University of Southern California.