History of RVU



RVU Alliance incorporated by founder members Broadcom, DIRECTV, CISCO, Samsung and Verizon


August – RVU guidelines project in DLNA initiated


January – First RVU prototype clients from Samsung demonstrated at CES
May – RVU 1.0 specification ratified
June – RVU certification program is initiated
September – Samsung launch first RVU compliant televisions


January – RVU adopted into DLNA guidelines
April – Samsungs 2012 Smart TV range launch, all supporting RVU
July –  the RVU Alliance RVU Wireless specification ratified
October - DIRECTV launch first RVU servers/clients in consumer homes, HR34 Genie and their first RVU client, the Pace C31
December – the RVU 2.0 specification is ratified, defining the use of vector graphics
Over 7 million RVU capable clients deployed by year end


February – Sony introduce their first RVU compliant televisions, the KDL-R520 and KDL-R550A series
February – Sony complete porting of RVU to the Playstation 3
March – the RVU specification is updated to reflect 4K Ultra High Definition support
April – Samsung 2013 Smart TV range launch, all supporting RVU
October – DIRECTV launch the second generation RVU server, the HR44 Genie
November – The DIRECTV C41 RVU client range is launched, manufactured by Pace, Humax and Techicolor
Over 20 million RVU capable clients deployed by year end


January – the RVU specification is updated to include RVU Cloud , specifying the delivery of Remote User Interface via cloud based servers
January – first demonstrations of 4K Ultra High Definition at CES 2014 by DIRECTV and Samsung
January – JetHead Development demonstrate RVU Cloud based solutions at CES 2014 (video)
April – The first client compliant with the RVU wireless specification is launched, the DIRECTV C41W, manufactured by Technicolor and Humax
April – RVU Alliance introduces the certification program for 4K Ultra High Definition devices
April  – Samsungs 2014 Smart TV range launch, all supporting RVU. Ultra High Definition (4K) models include support for the RVU 4K requirements.
July – the RVU 2.0 specification becomes the mandatory minimum specification level for new products
August – all DIRECTV C31, C41 and C41W are field updated to the latest RVU 2.0 specification
August – Toshiba introduce their first RVU compliant television, the 7400U series
September – Sky Mexico introduce RVU client/server solutions (video)
November - DIRECTV becomes first to  delivers 4K Ultra HD VOD (using RVU)
Over 45 million RVU capable clients deployed by year end (estimate)



January – LG demo DIRECTV - 4K-Ready using RVU at CES'15 (video)
March - RVU spec added new 4K robustness requirements
May - RVU technology demonstration by DIRECTV to FCC staff and visitors at FCC’s Tech Experience Center in Washington DC (on FCC’s YouTube channel)
August - DIRECTV launches 4K/UHD Genie-mini STB which uses the RVU protocol
September - LG adds DIRECTV-Ready feature based on RVU to select 2014 and 2015, 2K and 4K WebOS TV’s