The RVU Certification Working Group (CWG) oversees the policies and procedures related to RVU Certification, and the development of the test tools required to certify all RVU clients. All RVU Alliance members are eligible to join and participate in the CWG.
The RVU Alliance makes use of an RVU Independent Certification Vendor (RICV). The RICV is a third party test facility authorized to perform RVU certification testing. The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory is currently the sole RICV facility. The RVU Alliance also certifies In House Certification Labs (IHCL) for members that have had 5 or more products that have been successfully certified by the RICV.
The RVU CWG maintains a Lockdown List, which comprises a listing the most recent test procedure documents, test tools, testbed devices and test content used by the RICV and IHCL for RVU certification. The Lockdown List is the core document that ensures that members working towards certification have access to the latest policies, procedures, specifications and test tools.
The Certification Working Group is an active body that meets weekly to improve test coverage and shorten the certification test cycles through improved policies and test tools.
The CWG also supports annual face to face meetings. If you are new to the RVU Alliance or CWG, please take time to review the extensive meeting minutes and agendas from the past year.
The Certification Working Group is committed to increasing the value of new and existing test coverage, decrease the time it takes to execute RVU conformance test tools, to shorten the duration it takes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to complete Multiple-System Operator (MSO) approval cycles.
The Certification Working Group continues to develop test tools and interoperability test plans to meet the growing needs of the RVU Alliance. This includes adding support for RVU 2.0 (HTML5 2D Canvas), 4K (HEVC), and multi-region capability.