Our Mission

The RVU AllianceTM and its members will encourage the rapid, broad and open industry adoption of remote user interface technology optimized for thin-client networked CE devices in the home.
The RVU Alliance will advance the use of the RVU technology specification to ensure interoperability and a consistent user interface among devices for whole home premium television entertainment.

Our Goals

The goals of the RVU Alliance are to:
  • Work to help ensure compatibility between RVU compliant products
  • Provide an environment whereby members may meet to approve suggested revisions and enhancements to the specification
  • Promote and encourage the development and implementation of products using RVU technology, particularly in home network video servers and client devices
  • Educate consumers, CE manufacturers and content service providers as to the value, benefits and applications for consumer products compliant with the RVU specification through public statements, publications, trade show demonstrations, seminar sponsorships and other programs established by the Alliance